“They laugh at us in restaurants.”

We are used to people giving us strange looks when we're standing on a chair taking a photo of our meal, always eating cold food because of obsessing about every little detail and buying yet another pair of dishes. Other creative professionals may laugh at us but they desperately need us for their work because they can't take such awesome photos themselves.
We are food photographers and we are proud of it!

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It's a resource of awesome naturally looking food photos that are completely free to download. A generous community of food photographers shares their photos with CC0 license to accomplish our ultimate goal together - make the online space related to food more beautiful and eliminate all the ugly sterile stock photos that people still keep using.

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If you plan on making money with your photography, you should not do this by sitting around and hoping for somebody to come purchase something from you.
Mitchel Lensink, freelance photographer

Why sharing photos for free?

Sharing your best photos for free increases your exposure. On Foodiesfeed, you reach a much more targeted audience than on social media. There is a big chance that creative professionals who use your photos will want to work with you. The more photographers share their work, the more opportunities they have. Embrace yourself, you never know what it may bring. At least new followers and hopefully potential business partners.

Free promotion platform

There are plenty of features on the website that help you with the promotion. Our effort is to put more emphasis on our photographers themselves and their social media instead of on the photos exclusively. It makes the connection between consumers and authors more probable. We also regularly feature trending photos on our social media and give shout-outs to our photographers.


Unlike other free photo websites, we put the most emphasis on the respective authors of the photos. Your profile is shown every time someone downloads your photo.

Social media

Fill in your social media profiles and your website to attract new followers and reach a broader audience.


Adding your location helps you to connect with other professionals and potential business partners in your area. You never know, maybe your favorite local café is looking for a photographer.

Hire me

Do you want to work with magazines, hotels, chefs or food brands? Let others know that you are available for hire and make it easy to contact you.


Are you a food blogger? Do you have a recipe for the meal in your photo on your blog? Insert a link to the photo and drive new traffic to your web.

The photos our visitors need

Creative professionals need the photos for their website, mobile app, advertisement, blog post or social media. It needs to be beautiful, natural looking with a clean composition. Usually, they want to put a piece of copy in the photo. Besides that, it's also important for usability that the photo is more generic than too specific, it needs to fit more stories. Think of macro shots of raw ingredients, simple photos of fruit and vegetables, burger, steak, pizza, pasta, a person drinking coffee, cutting fish...

Approval process

Quality of the uploaded photos matter because it’s the premise that Foodiesfeed was originally built on. We want to return great photo results which means we need to add an editorial curation element to our photos to make sure that they are hitting a standard. In regard to that, approval by Jakub, founder of Foodiesfeed, is one of the most important aspects of making Foodiesfeed the best resource of free food photos available on the internet.


All free platforms and free content resources need income from an advertisement. That's what keeps our servers and human power running. Building a community of food photographers, taking care of our visitors and doing a social media promotion takes a lot of effort, time and also money and it can't be done without any financial compensation. Totally free awesome food pictures mean an advertisement here and there.

We need your photos, join us and start uploading!

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